Follow your heart…to action. Editor’s column by Jennifer Browdy

What’s different this time is the kids.

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Fire Up Your Immune System! Editor’s column by Jana Laiz

I am sitting here recovering from the worst flu I have ever had and I wonder if my immune system is as weak as I imagine the nation’s immune system is at this point in our history. This is the most virulent flu doctors have seen in a long time, and it seems like our...
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From the Editors: Keep Your Creative Fires Burning!

At Fired Up! we want to know: What do you care about? What makes your heart sing or your blood boil?

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WRITING FIRE: Special International Women’s Day Reading March 9!

Join us on March 9 at 7 p.m. at the Lenox Library for a special International Women’s Day celebration and reading hosted by Colin Harrington of The Bookstore!

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Are You Fired Up? We Are Too!

Come join Fired Up! editors Jana Laiz and Jennifer Browdy in a series of writing workshop sure to light your creative fires.

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PEBL-ing for a Positive Future, by Uli Nagel

The PEBL was a perfect conversation starter. From sun-hardened road-workers to retired residents of fancy golf-communities, from scientists and elected officials to ice-cream vendors, from kids to 85-year-olds, I got to speak about climate change with people from all walks of life.

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Thank you, President Trump: Reflections from South Africa by Susie Walker Weekes

If we believe, really believe, in commonality, how can we turn away from a child, any child? How can we all be a part of our global village? Here’s how I do it–in South Africa.

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Imagine 2018: Dreaming a Better Future, by Jennifer Browdy

I fear that what may doom us in the end is the loss of our capacity for creative daydreaming.

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Call of Beauty by Marya Zilberberg

I type because the words are like water, washing me, seeping into my parched tissues, sprouting more words and sentences and paragraphs. And suddenly I am breathing again, my heart a soothed beast, warm and fuzzy and purring.

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Sometimes there are no words, by Deb Koffman

Sometimes there are no words, only feelings, by Deb Koffman

I hope that my work encourages your well-being, helping you navigate your emotional and mental life more easily.

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Opposite Colors, by Raquel Partnoy

A new series of paintings, “Opposite Colors,” exposes an Argentina divided by the hatred generated by the forces of neoliberalism.

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Photographer Rodney Tate Captures the Beauty of Birds

Photographer Rodney Tate of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, is out almost every day capturing images of birds–especially the shore birds and eagles that stalk and soar around the beaches near his home. 

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Two Poems by Phyllis Carito

we need a righting reflex

some transformation,

twist, and recover– like a cat —

pinned with our belief

that an open heart

can be a call for unity,

can land us on our feet.

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It’s happening now, by Gillian Whittle

It’s happening now

girls are being told they’re stupid, worthless, ugly sluts

women are being shouted at and stalked and beaten

and killed in a red fury of self-righteousness by vicious men with guns

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FU, by Celia Bland

FU she asked for it,

he told himself.

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Tune In to This, by Grace Rossman

Joy is not the absence of pain
but the willingness to sing anyway.

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Can a Tree Teach Race Relations? Magnolia Justice, by Jana Laiz

I often dream entire passages or lines for books I’m writing and one night, I woke with this line, “I remember the Winter long ago, the one that lingered like regret.” I had to rustle around in my bedside table to find paper and pen to write it down. When your dreams offer you lines like that, you don’t say no. Later that same day, my husband came into my office and said, “You should write a story about a lynching tree from the point of view of the tree.”

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