From the Editors: Keep Your Creative Fires Burning!

At Fired Up! we want to know: What do you care about? What makes your heart sing or your blood boil?

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New Edition of Writing Fire Now on Sale!

Now on sale! The expanded Second Edition of WRITING FIRE, a sizzling anthology of more than 75 women writers of all ages and from many walks of life.

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Are You Fired Up? We Are Too!

Come join Fired Up! editors Jana Laiz and Jennifer Browdy in a writing workshop sure to light your creative fires.

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A Love Letter to Mother India, by Amber Chand

“I have sat with the doctor of spices, with his kohl-lined eyes and thick dark beard, as he poured tea into porcelain tea cups infused with saffron, cardamom and cinnamon – an elixir of magic….I have felt ecstasy as the full moon has lit up the sky over the Mughal parapets and the dancers have whirled and twirled around me to the sound of tinkling ankle bells.”

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Picketing Home by Ellen Meeropol

“I’ve been fascinated for decades by the question of how we develop our political opinions, and how we transmit what we’ve learned and what we believe to the generations that follow us. The older I get, the less clear it becomes.”

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Photographer Rodney Tate Captures the Beauty of Birds

Photographer Rodney Tate of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, is out almost every day capturing images of birds–especially the shore birds and eagles that stalk and soar around the beaches near his home. 

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An Ode to the Road, by Grace Rossman

There will come a time when the road will beckon you
like the outstretched hand of a lover
leading you on a new adventure.

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Outrage is Love Rising, by Barbara Newman

I want to be a Warrior for love. 

And in the deepest part of my belly,

where my fire lies…

let me be a flame for transformation and change. 

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The blossoms that don’t fade, by Adrian Dunn

“We are
the blossoms that refuse to fade”

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Towards the Future by Sarah Sutro

…in the winter,

Miles and others


the cold, sere, ice-crusted shore

is too cold to walk on

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Can a Tree Teach Race Relations? Magnolia Justice, by Jana Laiz

I often dream entire passages or lines for books I’m writing and one night, I woke with this line, “I remember the Winter long ago, the one that lingered like regret.” I had to rustle around in my bedside table to find paper and pen to write it down. When your dreams offer you lines like that, you don’t say no. Later that same day, my husband came into my office and said, “You should write a story about a lynching tree from the point of view of the tree.”

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